The Castle

The origins of the Chateau date back to 863 AD. The present castle was built about 1150 for the Seigneurs de Boussagues, around a south-west facing courtyard of about 2000 sq. ft. The floor area is about 8000 sq. ft.

The de Boussagues family lived here until the mid 1300′s it was then left to fall into disrepair and was bought by d’Alichoux de Senegra who restored it and added the North tower and North wing in the 16th century. The main tower and hall are of the 12th century, In the upper room of the South tower there are remains of medieval frescos. The castle was abandoned during the revolution and fell into disrepair again, it was bought again in 1900 by a father and son who started to renovate it, at the time there were no roofs and most of the wooden floors had collapsed.

It was then bought again in the 1960′s and it had not really been touched until it was bought in 2000 by Mr Webb, it was then barely habitable, he replaced the roofs, installed central heating including underfloor heating in the South wing and replaced and repaired the mullioned windows, meutrier windows and a very rare corner window in the North tower. He also replaced 22 windows and 5 external doors and converted the apartments to what they are today. Then it was bought in 2011 by Erik and Patrick Harlaut with family who are continuing offer apartment holidays and groups conference event in this rare historic Chateau de Boussagues.